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Evaporators / Distillers

Thanks to the highly corrosion-resistant materials used in their manufacture (copper-nickel 90/10), Pomar evaporators have a lifespan of around 30-35 years.

The aim of Pomar’s engineers is to design compact and robust units, working under a constant and efficient thermal process and at low boiling temperature. For this reason, the heat exchangers are tubular type, helping also to reduce the risk of salt scaling.

The PEV series can use any waste heat source such as hot water, steam, thermal oil, etc.

The distillate water has a TDS value below 4 ppm.

Production range: from 1 up to 150 m³/day.

Potable water can also be obtained with a post-treatment based on mineralizing and sterilizing.

All units include a feed sea water pump, an anti-scaling dosing system and an electric control panel with salinometer.

We can also offer multi-stage units and units built in different materials - depending on the final use.

Heat exchanger

Pomar designs and manufactures heat exchangers according to our customers’ needs and specifications. Their equipments are made according to leading mechanical design codes using 3D system design.

Heater exchangers have different applications in the industry sector as refrigeration, steam condensation, heaters, vaporizers, concentrators or any type of heat exchange between two fluids.

In our heat exchangers manufacture we use different types of material according to the application: carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex / super duplex steel, naval bronze or cupronickel.

In the Exchanger Department Pomar designs and manufactures complete refrigeration modules for the maritime, offshore and industrial sector. We supply the modules completely or ready for the installation, including heat exchangers, circulation pumps, electric control panel and temperature regulation system.

We can also offer maintenance services and a recalculation of the exchanger.

Hot Water Calorifier / Potable water heaters

In our aim to offer high quality units, the hot water calorifiers of Pomar are manufactured as follows:

  • · Tanks made of stainless steel AISI316L
  • · Thermal isolation by 50 mm rock wool
  • · External covering of stainless steel AISI304
  • · Stainless steel electrical coils

The tank capacity ranges from 100 to 3,000 liters and can be supplied loose or mounted in a common frame together with the pump(s), control cabinet and monitoring module.

Electrical coils, tubular bundle or a combination of both can be used as heating medium. Other designs are available on request.

Hot water calorifiers ensure the supply of hot water for sanitary purposes. Pomar’s system, with an independent temperature switch in each electrical coil, ensures a better way of control and efficiency. Customized unit are also available on request.

Mineralizers / Re-Hardeners

Mineralizers are used to increase mineral salts content in the distillate water to make it appropriate for human consumption.

The re-hardenings are used to raise the pH level of the produced water to values close to neutral which avoids corrosion issues in the pipe lines of the distribution system.

Pomar has designed the PRH series solving the above two issues with only one unit.

The PRH filters are made of stainless steel AISI316L and are equipped with gauges, sight glass, safety valve, drain valve, access valve, access hole, filling hole, pipes and valves.

The material inside PRH units meet requirements related with alimentary and human consumption rules.

Potable water control & monitoring

Pomar designs and develops systems for the control of the potable water quality onboard.

· Bunkering water
· Production water
· Distribution and far point

The systems are designed according to the USPH and NIPH rules.

Furthermore, Pomar has developed a special software to control all components of the water production and clean water treatment onboard.

The system provides complete information of all the parameters (water production, water quality, pressure, temperatures etc.).

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems are designed to obtain drinking water. Pomar RO units offer a wide range of configurations to find the best solution for every customer.

With a production capacity of 2 - 1.500 m³/day, the units meet standard technical requirements as well as special ones (offshore, explosion proof, military, industrial, modular, portable, containerized, yachts, luxury vessels, etc.).

Units are fed by sea water as well as brackish water. The produced water is of high quality and meets WHO requirements for drinking water. If needed, technical water can also be obtained using a second stage RO unit.

All systems include a booster pump for seawater, a media filter and a reverse osmosis module with fine filters, a high pressure pump, membranes and a control electric panel with salinometer.

All units can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

UV Sterilizer

UV sterilizers are mostly used to avoid bad flavors and odors in potable water. Pomar sterilizer systems are offering a disinfection system of water to the user - chemical-free.

Water sterilizers are made of in stainless steel 1.4571 (316Ti).

The lifetime of the high radiation lamp is guaranteed for 10.000 operation hours with optimized performance and flows.

Pomar’s standard UV lamps include a security solenoid valve for automatic cut in case of alarm and non-sterilizer water protection as well as automatic flow limiter and control panel with alarms.