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Sewage treatment plants in collaboration with our spanish partner Detegasa

Biological sewage treatment plants

While providing equipment with long life expectancy, Detegasa is always on top of the sewage treatment regulations and strictest notations to deliver the most effective solution to the different markets. A complete sewage treatment system solution can be offered to meet current and future regulations, taking constant R&D initiatives that enable the introduction of latest innovative technologies in environmental caring.

The experience developed over the years makes Detegasa capable of providing specific solutions adapted to the special needs of each project. In these terms, the company manufactures different sewage treatment plants, based on several technologies, such as conventional biological activated sludge processes, compact membrane bioreactors (MBR), and physical-chemical processes for projects with special requirements.

Main features and advantages of the biological STP

- Simple operation and low maintenance

- Low price of spare parts and consumables

- Higher life expectance of the sewage treatment plant in operation

- Fully automatic system designed for low maintenace

- Can perform satisfactorily with waste water collected either by gravity or vacuum

- No odor emissions due to biological process

- For the compliance of IMO MEPC 159(55) and IMO MEPC 227(64) PRB, PRBN and STPN series have been designed with the aim of providing cost effective solutions whereas delivering a high quality unit

Main features and advantages of the membrane bioreactor

- Complete removal of suspended solids of the water

- Long lifetime of the membranes with fully automatic operation and back flushing

- Avoids presence of chemicals during disinfection stage

- No odor emissions due to biological process

- Excellent quality effluent for the compliance with stricter regulations

- Customizable design for larger crew requirements