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Measuring and Monitoring systems

DFM Marine is used in telematics systems (GPS tracking systems) and as an autonomous fuel monitoring solution. DFM Marine is installed in fuel line of the engine / boiler / burner, directly measures fuel consumption and generates an output signal, which is sent to telematics unit (GPS tracker).

DFM Marine is used for monitoring fuel consumption and operating time of engine (fuel consumer), and suitable for:
· water transport – sea and river vessels;
· locomotives and railway machines;
· quarrying and mining machinery;
· powerful diesel generators, boilers, burners.

· fuel consumption optimization
· fuel misuse and Theft detection
· fuel consumption monitoring
· engine testing for fuel consumption
· machine hours Monitoring

Advantages of DFM Marine

Measuring chamber made of brass

Measuring chamber is made of corrosion-proof and highly durable material – brass.

Different material and fuel line connection type designs
Body and fuel line connections of DFM Marine can be made of duralumin (lighweight and inexpensive) or brass (corrosion-proof and more durable). Fuel line connection types – thread or flange – specified in purchase order.

Operation in differential fuel consumption measurement mode
Any two units of DFM Marine are configured from PC to operate in paired mode, without a need of selecting and calibrating two compatible pieces. Differential fuel consumption measurement mode is used for measuring consumption of fuel in supply and return fuel lines of an engine, if necessary.

Contactless reader CANCrocodile

CANCrocodile is designed for safe data reading from vehicle CAN bus. Contactless reader is used within vehicle telematics and GPS tracking systems for receiving various parameters of vehicle operation from CANbus: speed, RPM, oil pressure & temperature, fuel volume & consumption, etc.Data reading occurs without electrical connection and without damaging CAN wires. CANCrocodile works in “listen” mode only, i.e. it does not change original J1939 messages and does not send any signals to CANbus.

Advantages of CANCrocodile

Safe connection to CAN bus CANCrocodile does no damage to insulation of wires and has no direct electrical contact with CANbus. Data reading occurc in a contactless way – CANCrocodile detects magnetic field around CAN-High and CAN-Low wires.

Strong fixation of CAN bus wires
The design of the body provides perpendicular fixing of the wires to reading surface. This way of fixing will not allow the CAN bus wires to slip from the CANCrocodile reading surface.A soft pressure pad in the upper part of the housing tightly presses the wires to reading Surface.

LED indication of operation modes
Red indicator – power is on, blinking green indicator – messages receipt from CAN bus. Indicaters allow to test the operability of the reader without dismantling and connecting to monitoring terminal.

Hydrophore Units

Hydrophore units are designed and manufactured to maintain a stable water pressure in all the distribution systems avoiding frequent burst of speed of systems pumps. They are essential in maritime and offshore facilities for the potable or technical water supply or fire protection systems.

Pomar hydrophores are made of stainless steel AISI316L, what makes them suitable for fresh water as well as sea water installations.

The system includes the tank, pump(s) and electrical control panel. These items can be supplied loosely or fitted in a common frame.

Tank capacities: 100 - 3.000 liters

Pump capacities: depending on customer needs

Sea Water Anti-Fouling

Due to the normal operation of sea water cooling systems, organisms present in the sea water can be deposited on the pipes internal surface which leads to a reduced operational diameter and decreased system cooling performance.

Pomar developed a copper based electrolysis anti-fouling system which prevents the growth of these micro and macro organisms while being an environmentally friendly solution at the same time.

Other materials besides copper (such as aluminum and iron) can be used to increase the overall performance and to support the system against the inner corrosion.

The sea water anti-fouling systems include a unique discharge manifold with flow transmitters, informing the user about the flow with every outlet so that the control of the unit is much easier.

The housing is made of stainless steel AISI316.

Blowers & fans

Grease trap


Food waste handling