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Oily water separators

Oily water separators are used to separate the hydrocarbons from oily water coming from the bilge of a ship and deliver a cleaner effluent that can be discharged overboard according to IMO MEPC 107(49) regulation.

The Detegasa OWSAN series has been designed to assure an excellent performance while matching even the strictest conditions. It uses a coalescent filter in the first stage to separate the hydrocarbons by gravity. In the second stage there is an adsorption filter which acts as emulsion breaker.

The spare parts replacement and maintenance needs are minimum and the complete OWSAN series was granted the DNV Clean Design 5ppm type approval certificate to always be compliant with present and future regulations.

Main features and advantages


- Wide range of capacities. From 0,5m3/hr to 12.5m3/hr

- Suction type pump to avoid emulsions

- Great saving on consumables: the continuous water quality check at both stages ensures that adsorption filters are bypassed whenever possible

- No high speed moving parts which result in less maintenance and lower costs

- First class components

- Compact design for newbuilding projects

- Modular solutions for retrofitting projects with reduced pathways

- Customized designs for Offshore and Military applications

- Fully Type Approved by Class Societies DNV, ABS and Russian Register of Shipping

- Easy installation

- Fully automatic operation

- Reliable performance

- Low maintenance requirements

- Worldwide service of spare parts and technical assistance through our agent network