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Charge air coolers

Charge air coolers for shipboard use, either for the main engine or for the diesel generators, are one of FARAD’s main products. Cooling the charged air increases the efficiency of internal combustion engines. The same design is used in natural gas and biogas fueled engines. FARAD charged air coolers are well known throughout the world for their reliability and excellent performance.

Engine air downstream of the turbocharger is usually cooled from approximately 200 °C to 45 °C or lower.

Thus cool air is supplied to the engine inlet. A decrease in air intake temperature of the engine allows more air and fuel to be combusted per engine cycle, increasing the efficiency of the engine and decrease the emissions.

FARAD air coolers are suitable for all turbocharged engines with a power rating of 200 kW and more. They are suitable for seawater or freshwater cooling systems. Thousands of Air coolers have already been manufactured, installed and operate successfully.

FARAD Air cooler series are proven to be an established range of products with extended use from our customers with verified prolonged life and excellent performance.


- Compatible dimensions with engine models from all major engine builders

- Expert advice offered if refurbishment is possible for replacement costs reduction

- Fast delivery times on standard products

- Large variability on custom air coolers

- High efficiency Air coolers

- High quality raw materials