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Pioneering fuel supply systems and auxiliary equipment for the marine and power industries. Since its foundation in 1974 in Finland, the company has delivered robust and reliable products to its customers – from professionals to professionals.

Auramarine’s products are located at the very heart of vessels and power stations, handling their fuels and keeping them running. We take responsibility for our work and take great pride in it, realising that our products play a crucial ensuring a safe and reliable operation of the engines. Our delivery commitment continues with dependable lifecycle support services.

Auramarine’s reputation speaks for itself, with over 15,000 auxiliary units installed worldwide.


With 20 years of experience in ultraviolet light (UV-C) water treatment equipment, BIO-UV designs, manufactures and markets the most comprehensive range of UV water treatment systems in Europe, adapted to a large number of applications. Since 2011, BIO-SEA has been the only one French expert who has designed and manufactured the complete ballast water treatment solution (BIO-SEA). This innovative system works without any chemical treatment whatsoever by combining mechanical filtration and high UV dose disinfection.


Pomar Water, design and produce units for water desalination and water treatment to the industrial, civil and maritime/offshore sectors.

The company formed by a group of people who have a vast experience of more than 25 years in the desalination and water treatment engineering and production.

The units meet quality standards and are clean, green and responsible with the environment.

The Company commitment is to give the best support to their customers developing products and applications that cover all their demands.


Detegasa is now serving for over 50 years in the marine industry and designs, manufactures and markets high-tech water and waste management solutions for Navy, Marine & Offshore Industries. Not only do they provide the solutions to the customer but also an integrated support through all the product lifetime.

In their wide product range you can find Sewage Treatment Plants, Oily Water Separators, Marine Incinerator and Helicopter Refueling Systems.

With their two production facilities which are directly in Spain, the company manufactures 100% of its production in Europe. Nevertheless, they are able to provide some of the most quality-price competitive equipment in the market.

A major advantage of Detegasa is the knowledge and experience which was build up throughout the last decades. Due to that they can get involved even the strictest requirements such as hazardous area regulations, ASME standards, shock and vibration requirements for navy vessels, and also with the most stringent notations in regards to marine pollution prevention from IMO and the different Classification Societies.

As a result of a successful Policy of Integrated Quality Management, Detegasa has been granted many quality assurance certifications and is able to fulfill classification standards such as DNV, IMO and RMRS.


The company Hoyer Motors - headquartered in Denmark - is one of the best-known manufacturers in the field of electric motors with over 40 years of experience in its branch.

Quality, service and flexibility have been the cornerstones of a long and successful history of their electric motors since 1974. The constant optimization of production methods has resulted in more and more possible applications over the years and the motors today are more efficient and powerful than ever.

With focus on the maritime industry, emphasis is placed on being able to respond to every customer request. This is ensured by the enormous range of possibilities that the Hoyer Motors range offers. Outside the range, individual customer requests are also taken into account.

The above and various more aspects are reasons why Hoyer motors are installed in various systems from well-known manufacturers today.


FARAD S.A. has over 40 years of experience in design, develop & production of Tubular & Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers. With their headquarter located in Greece they guarantee trouble free installation, operation and maximum lifetime for their products all around the globe.

Since 1979 the company is setting high standards for its staff, associates, its European raw material vendors and the quality of their heat exchangers. Moreover they put a constant focus on innovation to optimize operation and easy maintenance.

In over 40 years in the market they’ve completed more than 25.000 successful installations in various segments such as Marine, Petrochemical, Energy, Food & Beverage and HVAC & Refrigeration.


Ertecna Lda, manufacturer of the products within the Sinalux, Everlux, Masterlux, Excellence by Sinalux and Excellence by Everlux brands, was created in October 1989, with the purpose of initiating in Portugal the study, research and development of technologies applicable to the manufacturing of photoluminescent products, and their applicability in a specific area of the safety sector: photoluminescent (phosphorescent) safety signs.

As a reference in the fire hazard safety market, it makes available high quality products, as well as a strong sales and technical supports, such as: training or software solutions for installers, architects, designers and prescribers of all building projects.

It began exporting in 1992, and is now available in over 60 countries, with its own reps in Spain, UK, France and Hungary markets, having expanded its production facilities into Brazil, since 2005. Also with the purpose of giving its feedback for a better and more conscient safety culture, Ertecna Lda is seated in several local and international Norm Committees.


Established in 2013 as a distributor of carbon vanes for vacuum pumps and compressors, Supervane became a producer of OEM quality carbon vanes in 2018. As well as one of the top companies among alternative carbon vanes suppliers.

They have built a reputation on high quality products and exceptional service which has become standard for their team. Today Supervane supplying to over 70 countries worldwide and they are still expanding their geography.


Van Remmen UV Technology Van Remmen UV Technology are specialised in designing and producing UV disinfection systems and advanced oxidation systems for various markets. They have its own stainless steel production company in Lichtenvoorde, H&F, and offers custom stainless steel production. This is a crucial aspect of the systems.
The systems are used for potable water preparation, legionella management, disinfection of and chlorine reduction in swimming water, and the destruction of micro pollutions in water flows for agricultural and industrial companies. They also do surface disinfections on conveyor belts and food and drink packaging.
Each challenge requires its own solution. That’s why Van Remmen UV Technology developed special systems for various markets.


EcoTune Marine GmbH, Alter Markplatz 1, in Steinkirchen was founded in March 2013 and acts as a technical coordinator, consultant, cooperation partner and service provider in the shipping industry.


Ucalsa Ucalsa -Utillaje y Calderería SA- was founded in 1986 as an entrepreneurial opportunity in light of the experienced naval industry in the Vigo Estuary. What started out as a small boilermaking workshop for local shipyards has now become, three decades later, the main supplier of structural elements such as doors and hatches for the entire Spanish naval sector, with a modern factory spanning more than 10,000 square meters and more than 60 employees.