For Heavy Fuel Oil, Lubrication Oil, Steam and Water

FARAD HTR series heat exchangers are designed to address the very basic needs of marine and industrial heating applications. Having proved their long-term reliability and robustness, these tubular type heat exchangers are now being offered by FARAD in a wide range of pre-engineered type series. Optimal fit is guaranteed while customer specific requirements can be met thanks to FARAD’s fitness-for-purpose manufacturing approach.


HTR series advantages

- Removable tube bundle for easy cleaning and inspection of both tube side and shell side

- Channel cover can be dismantled without disturbing the tubeside piping

- Low pressure drops thanks to design optimization

- Wide temperature differentials are handled without expansion joints

- Cost effectiveness that comes with having highly standardized design

- Flexible design, adaptable to all applications

- Warranty 24 months after delivery

- Custom designs are also available upon request

- Availability of spare parts and special tools at anytime

- Lifetime technical support & guidance