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Refrigerent Condensers

The condenser is used in refrigeration systems that dump excess heat into seawater or freshwater. The refrigerant flows in the shell and the water in the tubes. The FC line of condensers employs enhanced tube with fins on the outside and grooves on the inside for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

The FC condenser is used when the refrigerant condenses against water, as opposed to air. It is suited to HVAC installation on ships where cold medium is seawater. It can also be used for HVAC installations in industry.


- Enhanced tube increases heat transfer rate 3-4 times over an equivalent length plain tube

- Shell-side handles large refrigerant volumes ensuring low pressure drop on the refrigerant side

- Large tube size ensures low pressure drop on the water side

- Same design with different materials for freshwater or seawater

- Proven shell and tube design

- Low maintenance cost